KINGPEN | Jilly Bean 1g Vape Cartridge


Jilly Bean 1g Vape Cartridge

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KINGPEN | Jilly Bean 1g Vape Cartridge


Sweet, Citrus, and Tropical

A hybrid strain that’s a top choice for creative minds looking for that perfect euphoric high during the daytime hours. It’s bred from crossing Space Queen and Orange Velvet – an upbeat, happy hybrid

Kingpen is a highly potent, lab tested, premium distillate cartridge. It is BHO extracted, cold-pressed, and filtered to create the highest distillate standard.


Our KP oil is produced through a proprietary extraction and distillation process. We distille and filter far beyond the industry standard.We do not purchase pre-mixed terpenes.We analytically test each flower strain to capture the terpene profiles found in the natural plant. We reformulate and introduce these terpene profiles into our Kingpen original cartridges to mirror each strain’s authentic effect and impact.

About this strain: Jilly Bean

Jilly Bean — a cross between a female Orange Velvet cut and pollen from a Space Queen male — was created and bred indoors at West Coast seed bank TGA Genetics by co-founders Subcool and MzJill.

Subcool told Weedmaps they picked up the Orange Velvet clone, called “Melvin” at the time, roughly around 2006 from a nearby family that had the mother plant. They crossed the female with their own Space Queen male, which was the last remaining seeds of its kind left at the time.

Named after MzJill — as well as for its candy-citrus, limonene and pinene-dominant scent profile and tropical jelly bean flavor, Jilly Bean was among High Times’ Top Ten Strains of 2007. It was named the magazine’s best Sativa of 2014 and took 1st place at the Adam Dunn Show Invitational.

Jilly Bean is no longer carried by TGA Genetics and is now in the hands of MzJill’s seed bank, Oregon-based MzJill Genetics. According to Subcool, the Jilly Bean currently bred by MzJill is an open-pollinated F2 hybrid version of the strain.


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