KINGPEN Royale | Tropical Haze 1g Live Resin Cartridge


Tropical Haze 1g Live Resin Cartridge

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KINGPEN Royale Tropical Haze 1g Live Resin Cartridge


100% live resin 0% distillate oil cartridge

• Our Live Resin is a full-spectrum oil, unaltered and straight from premium flower. Live Resin is only as good as the flower it comes from.

• The full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes in the oil produces an entourage effect that reproduces the flavor and experience of smoking the same strain of concentrate.



• Flower is flash-frozen at harvest to preserve the full profile of cannabinoids and terpenes.

• Our tech extracts the highest terpene content possible while maintaining a perfect consistency for vapes so Royale can taste great and draw smoothly.

• Our Live Resin is extracted one strain at a time, keeping the integrity of each strain intact without additional flavoring, refinement or distillate to increase potency.•Re-engineered cartridges bring dabs out of the rig and into your pocket.

About this strain: Haze

Haze (also called Original Haze) is a cannabis variety with unconfirmed origins that serves as one of the genetic pillars of a huge percentage of today’s Sativa cultivars.

Online sources trace its beginnings to the 1970s, when Santa Cruz breeders known as the Haze Brothers cultivated Sativa seeds from friend, fellow grower and neighbor David Watson, also known as Sam the Skunkman.

The brothers combined a landrace Mexican Sativa with a landrace Colombian strain. From there, the best females were selected and then crossed with a southern Indian landrace strain. Finally, the brothers crossed the resulting hybrid with a Thai landrace male to create what’s known as Haze.

Sam the Skunkman took several of the brothers’ Haze seeds to the Netherlands, where he sold the genetics under the name Cultivator’s Choice. Breeders loved the strain’s uplifting qualities and stability so much that it soon became the genetic backbone for many famous phenotypes and hybrids, including Neville’s Haze, Amnesia Haze, Purple Haze, and many more cultivars that won Cannabis Cups.


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